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Graduation Update 7-9-20

Poyen plans to host the 2020 Graduation ceremony on August 7 at 7:00 P.M. in the arena pending further delays being mandated by the state. We will be limited to 66% capacity but should still have plenty of room for almost 1000 people, which should be plenty of space.  Everyone in attendance will be required to have and wear face masks while in the arena per current CDC and DESE guidelines. In addition, family groups will be allowed to sit together but we ask that all other persons or groups allow for social distancing spacing between themselves and others.  Further information will be forthcoming on what time the general audience will be allowed into the building. Due to Guidelines, we will have to check everyone as they enter the building based on the current guidelines. We will have a practice session for Seniors on July 30th at 11:00 am in the arena. They need to wear masks. Attendance to the practice is mandatory in order to participate. If there is an issue with attending the student needs to contact Mr. Harrison at the high school.

Vision Statement

Teach, Reach, and Inspire all students to Believe in their potential to Excel


High School Mission Statement
The Poyen Tribe Provides All Students a Supportive Environment to Excel in Academics and Prepare to be Productive and Compassionate Members of Society 


Elementary Mission Statement

Poyen Elementary School is committed to providing a safe environment where students can build an educational foundation to become lifelong learners.