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Resource for grieving process


Dear Parents,


Our community is grieving the loss of Nathan Butt and wanted to reach out to share our school's plan to support students and families after this tragic loss.  Within this process, we have reached out to trauma experts within the Arkansas Trauma Resource Initiative for Schools (TRIS) to help us develop a plan and we will share information with you as we determine how to proceed.

We know that parents know their children best and are often looking for resources to determine if their child needs extra help in processing a loss.  We have included some links within this post that provide information on how losing a loved one impacts children (based on their age) and some strategies for how parents can help.  Even with the best parenting, some children will go on to develop significant changes in their emotions, behaviors, and relationships as a result of losing a loved one.  

If you believe your child might need additional help, please reach out to us and we will connect you with the TRIS team to explore counseling options.  You can also contact the UAMS AR-CONNECT program, a resource that is available 24/7, that provides brief mental health support and referrals into longer term counseling, if needed.  All AR-CONNECT services are free of charge and can be accessed by calling 501-526-3563 or 800-482-9921.

We also welcome your suggestions on how we can support your family in any way.  We are devastated by this loss and want to do our very best to support our community.


For young children:


For school-aged children:


For teenagers: